Dear brothers and sisters,
Praised be Jesus Christ!

In this Christmas season we give thanks and praise that our Savior has come into the world. He lives among us and offers Himself to dwell within us. We await with joyful expectation His coming again in all his glory. Our readiness to meet Jesus at his final coming is determined by how we receive and respond to Jesus’s call to intentional discipleship in the present reality of our daily lives. It is my prayer that our parish provides the soil in which this discipleship can grow and flourish. How is the Lord calling you to begin or to further help till the soil here? May the prayer below help us all to respond gratefully and generously to God’s unrelenting love for each one of us as we journey together to the gift of eternal life!

In Christ,
Fr. McGuire

St. Daniel the Prophet
Parishioner’s Prayer

Almighty God, my parish family is composed of people like me.
I help make it what it is.
It will be friendly, if I am.
Its pews will be filled, if I help fill them.
It will do great work, if I work.
It will make generous gifts to many causes, if I am a generous giver.
It will bring other people into its worship and fellowship, if I invite and bring them.
It will be a parish family of loyalty and love, of fearlessness and faith, and a parish with a noble spirit, if I, who make it what it is, am filled with these same qualities.
Therefore, with the help of God, I will dedicate myself to the task of being all the things that I want my parish family to be.
Bless my journey, Lord God, that I may help build up our parish through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.