Dear friends in Christ,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

As we resume Ordinary Time during these summer months and hopefully have a chance for some renewal and recreation, I pray we will all respond to those inspirations of the Holy Spirit to deepen our lives of prayer and respond more intentionally in following and serving our Lord Jesus as his disciples.

I hope the reflection below serves as an encouragement on your journey. See you soon!

Wishing you and your family much peace and joy always in our Lord Jesus.

In Christ,
Fr. McGuire

God’s Openness

If everything we intellectually know about God had been allowed to sink into – and come alive in – our hearts, we would have become saints long ago.

It is the Holy Spirit who transforms our intellectual knowledge to a knowledge of the heart. It is the Spirit who makes our dead knowledge come alive. What books and teachers have taught “from without” the Spirit will teach “from within.” The Spirit not only bestows God’s life on us, he teaches us to value it, confirm it, live from it. The Spirit is a wise teacher who knows how we are to learn from him, and how we are to interiorize his inspirations and impulses.

If you are willing to receive and let him in, you will receive some of his openness. You will leave your stuffiness behind and start sharing what is the very best in you.

The receptivity of the disciples that first day of Pentecost was so complete that they no longer spoke only their own mother tongue but also the unknown languages of the people gathered around them.

If you are among those who have discovered that the doors to God’s own being are open wide to you, then you are also called to share your discovery with others.