Parish Ministries

Altar Servers
Fr. Nguyen(480) 945-8437

Art & Environment
Parish Office(480) 320-8530

Parish Office(480) 945-8437

Celebrate Life Ministry
Duane Wirth(480) 945-8437

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Parish Office(480) 945-8437

Matty Castaneda(602) 639-3697

Gift Shop
Debbie Venezia(480) 945-8437

Hispanic Ministries
Jaime and Asela Sanchez(480) 945-8437

Robert Earl(602) 529-4468

Parish Office(480) 945-8437

JoAnn Duffy(480) 945-2990

Ministry of Care (sick and homebound)
Linda Clark(480) 372-6910

Music Ministry
Richard Walters(480) 945-8437

Our Lady’s Sodality
Amy Baska—Prefect(480) 392-8348

Parish Finance Council
Ted Rabban(480) 945-8437

Prayer Chain
Michele Parsons(480) 945-4139

Religious Education
Fr. Nguyen(480) 945-8437

AZ Rosary Celebration Coordinator
Ann(480) 945-8437

Parish Office(480) 945-8437

St. Joseph’s Table
Bryan and Mary O’Connor(480) 945-8437

Irene Mirabito(480) 289-4455

Parish Office(480) 945-8437

Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Jim and Elaine Behrend(480) 949-9325